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art at the Hermitage Lausanne

Immersed in color: Signac’s sublime art at the Hermitage till 22 May

When it comes to art all you need say is “impressionist” for me to come running. Add an exhibition space in an elegant, 19th-century villa set in a wooded park with the French Alps as a distant backdrop and you’d best not get in my way as I come through. You might have guessed that I’m describing the exquisite exhibition underway at the Hermitage Foundation in Lausanne until 22 May of some 140 oil paintings, watercolors and drawings by master neo-impressionist painter Paul Signac (1863-1935). His works celebrate color, light, composition and technique in that unique and breathtaking way that make impressionist canvases (or neo-impressionists in this case) so cherished by art lovers. These works transform the everyday into something uplifting and otherworldly — “heavenly” may be a better way of saying it. In Signac, une vie au fil de l’eau nature and village scenes, sailing vessels, busy French ports and serene interpretations of Provencal life (before the tourist hordes descended) preoccupy Signac’s subject matter; his love of the sea and sailing, a personal passion, is evident throughout.   One room is devoted to introducing visitors to the colour theories of the neo-impressionists, featuring paintings by …

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Artist Marion Jiranek at the Palettes Carougeoise from 4 to 13 March 2016

I was delighted to see that one of my favourite artist/illustrators Marion Jiranek will be participating in the 80th edition of the Palettes Carougeoise, an annual collective art exhibition at the Place du Théâtre in Carouge, from Friday, 4 to Sunday, 13 March 2016. Marion’s beautiful aquarelle and ink sketches of cats and fairies, her oil paintings of peaceful forest settings, and watercolour panoramas of city and countryside scenes capture their subjects with a loving eye for detail, a gift for fantasy and touches of whimsy, as well as oodles of charm that are highly valued by her ever-growing circle of followers. Gathering artists since 1936 With the objective to “keep the Palette spirit of brotherhood, gather artists who feel well together and have fun meeting in friendship”, the Palette Carougeoise has brought together a variety of painters and sculptors on a more-or-less regular basis since its inception in 1936. This year more than 50 artists between the ages of 30-to-80-something will be on hand to display mostly figurative but also some abstract works. Skills levels vary from masters of the classical school of painting to those not quite of that calibre …