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‘Art in Geneva’s Old Town’ invites you to art openings and guided tours on 2nd and 4th of May

  The 25th edition of the AVV – Art in Geneva Old Town – art openings and guided tours will take place this coming weekend, starting on Thursday evening, 2 May, from 18h00, when some 13 art galleries will hold a communal vernissage introducing their latest exhibitions to the art loving public, collectors, and art world professionals. They will again open their doors to the public on Saturday, 4 May, from 11h00 to 17h00. A wonderful opportunity to visit galleries, view artworks, and talk with gallery owners and other art lovers in an easygoing social setting, this is something that I (and maybe even you?) might hesitate to do when on my own.

mirrors around Geneva

“Mirrors” exhibition reflects on borders and urbanism, presenting Geneva from multiple perspectives

The 25 open-air “Mirror” terminals dotting the Greater Geneva landscape until 30 June show the city and its environs from intriguing, multi-faceted perspectives and invite us to ponder the bigger issues of borders and urbanism and their effect on our communities. They’re also ‘heaven sent’ for photographers wanting to capture the city from a fresh point of view. Greater Geneva as the perfect urban specimen In the year 2020, two thirds of humanity will be city dwellers, up from one third in 1950. Greater Geneva, in its role as an international, world-class city and a hub for citizens who cross many borders to live and work here is a laboratory for the study of urban development. So believe the students and staff members of the six top schools comprising the Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale (the University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland) or HES-SO. They have collaborated for months to mount an ambitious programme of events entitled L’Evénement HES/Frontières et Urbanité focusing on borders and urbanism that runs until 30 June and includes masterclasses, concerts, conferences and outdoor exhibitions. Many events are open to the public, some of which require prior registration. …


Architectural gems in “Switzerland’s Loveliest Buildings 1960 to 1975”

Musée International d’Horlogerie at La Chaux-de-Fonds. Photo ©Patrimoine Suisse   Another in the series “The Loveliest…” published by Patrimoine Suisse, the Swiss Heritage Society, The Most Beautiful Buildings 1960-1975 highlights both celebrated and lesser-known buildings that are often overlooked precisely because their history is so recent. Yet their existence bears witness to a period of social, cultural and architectural change that is possibly the most significant in the country’s history: the era when nuclear power stations, super highways, commercial centres, high-rise accommodation and vast lots of individual dwellings first began to dot the Swiss landscape. From a mountain cabin to a satellite station, from libraries to seniors’ residences, and from churches to concert halls, the publication looks at 50 architectural ‘gems’ representing every Swiss canton. The 120-page, A6 pocket-sized brochure, available with French and German text, can be purchased in the Swiss Heritage online shop for CHF16 (for the general public) or CHF8 (for members of Patrimoine Suisse). Note in the online shop there’s also a booklet dedicated to Switzerland’s Loveliest Buildings of the 1950’s (CHF12.– or CHF6.– respectively). Dedicated …

Geneva decks its halls for Christmas with inspired works of visual poetry

When it comes to decking its halls for Christmas, Geneva commissions artistic installations that never fail to distinguish the city as one that celebrates this special time of year in an original and often inspired way. Again this year, the city has decorated its squares, streets, and bridges with the same magical installations that so captivated its citizens in 2014, but with a few changes. The physallis lamps previously found at Place Longemalle are now nestled amongst the majestic trees in the Jardin Anglais where they’ll no doubt cast a very mysterious spell over the surroundings. There’s also a new, eye-popping installation in Place Cornavin above the small wooden chalets that make up that area’s modest outdoor Christmas market (there are other noteworthy Christmas markets elsewhere in the city, particularly the lovely outdoor market in Carouge). To find out more about the illuminations and to see a video of the Geneva Lux Christmas Festival of Lights, please read my last year’s blog post and follow the links below: Geneva Lux Festival of Lights For 2014, the “Geneva Lux” Festival of Lights, as this annual event …