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Act-Art- open house

Geneva’s artists open their doors for “Atelier (rr)ouvre-toi” 14-15 October

Act-Art artists open house

The Act-Art 2017 Open House gives us access to the ateliers of more than 140 artists, including clockwise from top: Aline Morvan, Centre genevois de gravure-contemporaine, Ursina Ramondetto, Xavier Cardinaux, Jacqueline Perrodin, Isabelle Racine, and centre, Annick Berclaz.

It sometimes seems to me that Geneva has more artists per square inch than any other city of comparable size. An event this coming Saturday and Sunday, 14-15 October, only fuels that impression. Read More


Top young Swiss designers take center stage at Swiss Fashion Point 2017


Some of the 35 best young Swiss designers participating at Swiss Fashion Point 2017 include (clockwise from top left to right): Aéthérée, Baies d’Erelle, The KnitGeekProject, BAABUK, 2xC BIJOUX, alek.

Switzerland — renowned for holding on to its traditions and supposedly being slow to change — breaks with that moldy generalization at the very least when it comes to its up-and-coming young fashion designers.

Proof of this will be as crystal clear as a fresh Alpine stream at the 4th Swiss Fashion Point 2017, starting tomorrow the 28 September and continuing through the 1 October at the Pavillon Sicli in the Acacias suburb of Geneva. Read More

Théâtre de Carouge: making French productions accessible to multilingual audiences with subtitles on tablets

The Théâtre de Carouge has multilingual audiences in its sights, offering dedicated English showings, and French productions with French surtitles projected above the stage, and English or French subtitles on handheld tablets. Photo courtesy of the Théâtre de Carouge.

Since the late 1950s, the Théâtre de Carouge has played a rich and vital role in Geneva’s cultural and social life by offering locally and internationally produced theatre productions of the highest calibre, in French, to loyal local audiences, the composition of which has changed dramatically over the decades.

Today the city is home to a multitude of citizens and visitors from a broad swathe of origins, backgrounds, tastes and most significantly for a theatre company, languages. Read More

book about creative women and entrepreneurs

In the Company of Women: Inspiring insights and advice From creative women For creative women

Have you ever wished that you could sit down with a mentor and talk about the challenges of making your way in your profession? Or how to trailblaze your own unique path? Be true to your own sense of self and fulfil your own creative potential regardless of how others might react?  Someone honest and direct but also supportive and gracious.
Read More

Montreal’s McCord Museum: preserving the First Peoples’ cultural heritage for future generations

Still made and worn today, the amauti is a living legacy that dates back thousands of years. This amauti is an example of the Nunatsiarmiust style now preferred by many women because of the roomy comfort it provides to both mother and infant. Amauti, Theresa Komaksuitiksak, 1980. Air Canada donation, M995. 19.15.1-3 © Mccord museum.

This is a special year for Canada and for my hometown Montreal as they both mark another benchmark year in their respective histories. In recognition, I want to include a piece about a cultural gem that is well worth adding to your bucket list of must-see museums should you ever be fortunate enough to visit. Here, Montreal-born writer Andrea Grimaud gives us her impressions as to why the McCord Museum is so worth your while to experience.

Throughout the year, Montreal’s McCord Museum mounts stunning temporary exhibitions dedicated to illuminating for citizens and out-of-towners alike the history, people and communities of this vibrant, multicultural city, which this year celebrates its 375th birthday just as Canada marks its 150th. Read More

Garden Recipe: Fresh-off-the-vine cherry tomato & zucchini stew

If like us you have a vegetable garden, you know now’s the moment when all the planting, watering and pruning of the last three months is literally bearing fruit in overwhelming abundance. For us that means on a daily basis collecting buckets of sweet, bursting-with-flavor cherry tomatoes and a nice little crop of green and yellow zucchini, too. Read More

Finding humor and humanity in the Far Eastern treasures of Geneva’s Musée Fondation Baur

Monkey, Katabori netsuke, Ivory, Signed “Rantei”, mid-19th c. ©Baur Foundation, Photo Marian Gérard, Geneva.

When I visited the exhibition A Chinese Adventure: A Swiss family in pursuit of success in the Celestial Empire this past April, I promised myself that I would return to visit the permanent collection of the Musée Fondation Baur before the summer was out.

With little time to spare after having enjoyed the temporary exhibit in the basement, I’d rushed through three floors of display cases catching too short a glimpse of the artwork on view. But it was long enough to appreciate that the beauty — and unexpectedly to me, the humour — to be found in the exquisite Far Eastern treasures displayed merited at the very least one more visit. Read More