The Extraordinary Ordinary Life – Art Exhibition by Yvonne Morell

La Vie en Ville by Yvonne Morell from the exhibition The Extraordinary Ordinary Life at the Grange de la Dîme in Romainmôtier.

TALENTED Rolle-based artist and teacher Yvonne Morell brings everyday events and characters to life with wit, exuberance, and a keen eye for human expression and emotion. 

Her townscapes are filled with charm, portraits of women exude an insouciance and whimsy, everyday objects burst with seemingly incompatible pattern, and floral arrangements have an energy — or tranquility — all their own.

I had the pleasure of introducing her to CLG readers in a Creative Journeys Q&A in 2018 and in the interim she’s been as busy as ever, and developing her artistic skills in new directions. 

Painting by Yvonne Morell of two women enjoying tea and talking.
Au jardin, by Yvonne Morell, captures the simple pleasure of tea and conversation between friends.

The fruit of that labor is on show until 11 September 2022 at the Grange de la Dîme located next to the stunning abbey at Romainmôtier, where she’s hosting a new exhibition entitled The Extraordinary Ordinary Life together with fellow artist and sculptor Catherine Indermuhle. 

A wonderful selection of Yvonne’s paintings take centre stage along with her sketches of outdoor café scenes that she draws using fine line and pen brushes.

People at an art gallery exhibition.
Visitors at the vernissage of The Extraordinary Ordinary Life at the Grange de la Dîme.

The exhibition is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm, with both artists in attendance on weekends and alternating during the week.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be thoroughly charmed.

Romainmôtier Church Abbey.
Romainmôtier Church Abbey

Combine the exhibition with a walk-around and lunch

The Grange de la Dîme is located opposite the front door of the magnificent must-see Romainmôtier Abbey Church, built between 990 and 1028 and one of the jewels of the North Vaudois region. 

Nearby, you can have lunch or coffee indoors or on the terrace of the Café de Prieur, housed in the 800-year-old Maison de Prieur in the cloister courtyard.

Poster for Yvonne Morel art exhibition at Romainmôtier

Yvonne Morell
The Extraordinary Ordinary Life
Artist and Teacher
Place de l’Industrie 2
CH-1180 Rolle
Tel: +41 (0)78 880 43 27
Yvonne Morell on Instagram

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