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Swiss Heritage walking trails

Swiss Heritage’s Historic Trails

THE Swiss Heritage Society — (Schweizer Heimatschutz / Patrimoine Suisse) dedicates itself to preserving Swiss culture in the shape of its buildings and national monuments as well as its open spaces, including parks and walking trails.  IF, like me, you enjoy combining walking and discovering landscapes, architecture, history and local culture, […]

Meyrin Geneva Alpine botanical garden

Meyrin’s award-winning Alpine Botanical Garden

EVERY year since 1998, the Swiss Heritage Society recognises one garden in Switzerland for its outstanding achievements in the garden arts, placing as much value on efforts to conserve and maintain valuable historic green spaces as it does on the creation of new, contemporary ones. On Saturday, 18 May, the […]

Switzerland’s Loveliest Cafés and Tea Rooms, 2nd edition

IF coffee culture and architecture are among your passions, then search out the best of both in one spot with the revised, 2nd edition of the Swiss Heritage Society booklet “Switzerland’s Loveliest Cafés and Tea Rooms”. In recent years, there’s been a revival of coffee and tea houses not only as […]

castle garden switzerland

Enjoy “Switzerland’s 50 Loveliest Gardens and Parks”

PRESERVING the country’s natural heritage is right up the Swiss Heritage Society’s alley and what better way to do that than to entice people out into nature to show them what’s on offer. A Baroque garden, a large landscaped park, a varied urban square: Swiss gardens offer charming diversity. In honor of the […]

museums swiss

Switzerland’s “Loveliest Museums” marry beauty with innovation

I FIRMLY believe it’s important to preserve and protect a country’s architectural heritage, which is why I’m such a fan of the Swiss Heritage Society and it’s series of portable booklets that are aimed at connecting people with “Switzerland’s Loveliest”… whether that’s coffee houses, swimming pools, B&Bs, nature trails, and now … it’s […]

Swiss swimming pools

Fancy a cool dip? Visit one of the country’s “Loveliest Swimming Spots”

A MAJOR heatwave is descending on Switzerland this week so there’s no better moment to take a cool dip in one of the country’s loveliest swimming pools or outdoor nature spots. If you’re looking for something special near you, a pocket-sized French-German booklet published by the Swiss Heritage Society entitled “Les plus beaux bains de la Suisse” (Switzerland’s Loveliest […]

hotels in switzerland

Not your average B&Bs: Switzerland’s Loveliest Hotels at your fingertips

  JUST in time for the holidays, a handy pocket guide has been published by the Swiss Heritage Society. Part of its popular series of “Switzerland’s Loveliest” booklets, the country’s most beautiful hotels are now in the spotlight. I love this collection of handy-to-carry A6-format paperbacks because they make it easy to discover off-the-beaten-track cafés, holiday homes, museums, […]


Architectural gems in “Switzerland’s Loveliest Buildings 1960 to 1975”

  ANOTHER in the series “The Loveliest…” published by Patrimoine Suisse, the Swiss Heritage Society, The Most Beautiful Buildings 1960-1975 highlights both celebrated and lesser-known buildings that are often overlooked precisely because their history is so recent. Yet their existence bears witness to a period of social, cultural and architectural change that […]

coffee and tea shops

Switzerland’s “Loveliest Coffee & Tea Houses”

  THE SWISS number among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world, a beverage they consume in local espresso bars and cafés ranging from the traditional to the modern. Many of these popular establishments have distinctive architecture and a unique history that make them a rich contribution to Switzerland’s heritage. […]