Swiss Heritage adds “Switzerland’s Loveliest Islands” to its collection of handy touring booklets


THINK of Switzerland and what comes to mind are mountains, pastures and lakes, but islands? Not really. Yet Swiss Heritage’s latest addition to its “Switzerland’s Loveliest” brochure collection introduces 33 islands — both big and small, natural and man-made — that dot the country’s lakes and waterways and traverse national borders.

Islands capture our deepest fantasies

The Château de Chillon in Canton Vaud has served many masters including the Bernese, who used it as an island fort, arsenal and prison in the 16th century. Photo: CLG

In our imagination islands represent many things, from exile to paradise, adventure to escape, survival as well as peaceful retreat and the islands featured in the new booklet conjur those thoughts and much more.

Geneva residents will appreciate the entry of the city’s “Île de Genève” with its “Halles de l’île” art-and-architecture bookstore, as well as the “Île Rousseau” with its statue of the celebrated philosopher.

Inhabitants of Vaud will instantly recognize the historical and touristic value of the magnificent Château de Chillon water fortress located between Montreux and Villeneuve on the Swiss Riviera and the country’s most popular tourist attraction.


Isola Madre in Lake Maggiore, bordering Switzerland, hosts the Palazzo Madre museum, a marionette theatre and one of the oldest botanical gardens in Italy.

Other islands offer the opportunity to enjoy gourmet food, discover nature walks, herb and flower gardens, and to enjoy fun and fitness — bathing suit a “must” accessory.

Whatever takes your fancy, this booklet will serve as an introduction and a guide to help you plan your perfect island getaway.


Accessible by boat, the Island of the Mid-day Sun in Lake La Cauma, GR, offers a stunning landscape in which to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Order online in the Swiss Heritage shop

The handy A6-format, 84-page booklet (D/F) features photographs, a description and a legend with symbols describing what you will find at each location and how to access the islands (though detailed info is left to your investigative skills).

The booklet costs CHF16.– for non-members and CHF8.– for members of Swiss Heritage, and can be ordered online together with all the other booklets in the “Switzerland’s Loveliest” collection. ♠

All photos by Felix Jungo for the Swiss Heritage Society.

Main photo caption: The medieval Schloss Bottmingen, BL, near Basel, sits on Weiherburg Island and houses a gourmet restaurant.

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