Switzerland’s Loveliest Cafés and Tea Rooms, 2nd edition

IF coffee culture and architecture are among your passions, then search out the best of both in one spot with the revised, 2nd edition of the Swiss Heritage Society booklet “Switzerland’s Loveliest Cafés and Tea Rooms”.

In recent years, there’s been a revival of coffee and tea houses not only as places to enjoy a stimulating boost of caffeine but also as a rendezvous spot for culture, conversation and relaxation in a unique and often historic setting.


Café of the Ethnological Museum in Neuchatel.

This compact, handy booklet with lovely color photographs introduces you to 50 of the best locales to be found nation-wide.

The establishments highlighted offer beautiful backdrops, including venerable tea rooms, original interiors as in the converted train car below, and modern additions that will likely become classics.


The Wagons in Winterthur.

This booklet is a perfect excuse, if you need one, to explore different parts of the country while tracking down a historic coffee house or tea room. And the reward at trail’s end is a delicious cup of brew.

If you find an establishment that you particularly love and want to let other readers know about, please leave your feedback in the Comments section below. ♥


The most beautiful cafés and tea rooms in Switzerland
Revised – 2nd edition
112 illustrated pages, A6 format,
Bilingual: French/German
Price: CHF 16.-/members of Swiss Heritage: CHF 8.-
ISBN 978-3-9524632-8-4

All photos: Swiss Heritage, Oliver Marc Hänni

Main photo: Kiosque St Francois in Lausanne.

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