Enjoy “Switzerland’s 50 Loveliest Gardens and Parks”

castle garden switzerland

PRESERVING the country’s natural heritage is right up the Swiss Heritage Society’s alley and what better way to do that than to entice people out into nature to show them what’s on offer. A Baroque garden, a large landscaped park, a varied urban square: Swiss gardens offer charming diversity.

In honor of the Year of the Garden in 2016, last year Swiss Heritage profiled fifty of these special spaces in a newly-revised, 2nd edition of Swiss Heritage’s guide to the “Loveliest Gardens and Parks in Switzerland”.

Foce del fiume Cassarate, Lugano in Canton TI (photo: Felix Jungo, Patrimoine suisse)

The 120-page, pocket-sized, French/German brochure is full of practical information including symbols indicating what’s to be found in each park: a coffee or a place to play, a particular natural setting or a spectacular view.

The booklet can be ordered online at CHF 16.- for non-members and  CHF 8.- for members of Swiss Heritage.

Klosteranlage Ittingen, Warth TG
Klosteranlage Ittingen, Warth in Canton TG (photo: Felix Jungo, Patrimoine suisse)

Visiting one of the 50 gardens featured in this booklet promises you a journey into a new world of expertise, imagination and discovery.

Who knows? You might even come away with tips and inspiration for your own garden.

Main photo caption: Gärten Schloss Wildegg, Wildegg in Canton AG (photo: Felix Jungo, Patrimoine suisse)

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