Switzerland’s “Loveliest Museums” marry beauty with innovation

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I FIRMLY believe it’s important to preserve and protect a country’s architectural heritage, which is why I’m such a fan of the Swiss Heritage Society and it’s series of portable booklets that are aimed at connecting people with “Switzerland’s Loveliest”… whether that’s coffee houses, swimming pools, B&Bs, nature trails, and now … it’s museums.

A neo-Renaissance palace, an innovative municipal museum, an archeological dig and many more, Swiss Heritage’s “Loveliest Museums, Volume 1 (Knowledge and Stories) ” focuses on 50 of the country’s 1150 museums, those that best combine quality architecture with a top-notch exhibition.

swiss museums
Roothuus Gonten, Zentrum für Appenzeller und Toggenburger Volksmusik, Gonten, Appenzell (photo: Christoph Oeschger)

Knowledge and Stories

This, the first volume of the Society’s “Loveliest Museums” collection, is devoted to institutions that deal with the natural and human sciences and is entitled “Knowledge and Stories”.

The selection offers a balance between Swiss regions, periods and themes, showcasing the diversity of museums — those both well- and little-known — that are available to culture lovers across the country. (A second volume on Switzerland’s loveliest museums will appear later this year spotlighting museums devoted to art.)

swiss museums
Cantonal Museum of Zoology, Palais de Rumine, Lausanne VD, (photo: Christoph Oeschger)

Inventiveness & commitment

According to Swiss Heritage: “To remain relevant, museums must adapt to constantly changing requirements. So they are constantly asked to reinterpret their premises and collections and put them in touch with current realities.

“If they intend to remain productive places of reflection, they must know and take into account the public’s needs. The institutions presented in this publication meet these challenges with great inventiveness and commitment.”

swiss museums
Abbaye de Saint-Maurice, a treasure and archeological site, Saint-Maurice, VS, (photo: Christoph Oeschger)

Easy to carry and reference

The 120-page, A6-formatted booklet, rich with color photos and succinct descriptions as well as all the necessary practical and contact information is available in French and German for CHF 16.– (members of Swiss Heritage CHF8.-).

It can be purchased in the online shop on its own or as part of a duo with Volume 2 (for CHF32 or CHF16, respectively), which is dedicated to Art Museums.

Why not take Swiss Heritage’s advice and: “dive into the world of multifaceted Swiss museums!”? ♣

Main photo caption: Abegg-Stiftung, Riggisberg BE (photo: Christoph Oeschger)

4 responses to “Switzerland’s “Loveliest Museums” marry beauty with innovation”

  1. Wow – I am totally coming back to read this more closely, as well as follow up on the links. Every photo you’ve included make these places look so tempting (costume, folk architecture, Roman ruins). I mean, come ON!

    I think I will have plenty to keep me occupied the next time I’m in Switzerland…

    p.s. You’ll always be a Savvy Little Sparrow!


  2. These exhibits are fantastic and I am inviting myself over to your place so we can tour all of these together!

    P.S. Yes, you will indeed always be a Savvy Little Sparrow! ox


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