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Tibits vegetarian restaurant Lausanne

Tibits: Vegetarian Dining to go out of your way for

Self-service dine-in or take-out at Tibits in the former Buffet de la Gare de Lausanne, one of the city’s 44 designated historical café-restaurants. WHEN it comes to eating vegetarian I’m no aficionada. But I recognise fresh ingredients, balanced and lively flavours, enjoyable textures, inviting aromas, and the pull of pleasing […]

basket of Oak Orchard jams, jellies, and relish

Oak Orchard Edibles: from Garden to Table

Oak Orchard jams and jellies are handmade with handpicked local fruit such as black cherries, plums, figs, red currents and Mirabelle plums. Minimising wastage, orange pulp and peel left over from making orange olive oil makes up a compote that’s tasty on toast or mixed with yogurt. ONCE UPON a […]

cup of London Fog tea

Delicate, delicious London Fog Tea Latte

London Fog (Early Grey) Tea Latte: A comforting, refreshing pick-me-up. IT SEEMS this delightful brew has been around awhile, but it took my sister (thanks, sis!) to introduce me to it on my recent visit to Vancouver. I guess it was always just around the corner waiting for me to […]

Switzerland’s Loveliest Cafés and Tea Rooms, 2nd edition

IF coffee culture and architecture are among your passions, then search out the best of both in one spot with the revised, 2nd edition of the Swiss Heritage Society booklet “Switzerland’s Loveliest Cafés and Tea Rooms”. In recent years, there’s been a revival of coffee and tea houses not only as […]

A few fun finds…

MY love affair with coffee in almost all its permutations continues apace and in the past few months I’ve come across a few more “finds” to keep my caffeine levels topped up while on the go.

Eat fresh, seasonal, local at Geneva’s Veggie Week 2018

Aimed at vegetarians, vegans and yes, meat eaters, too, this two-week event runs from the 4th — 17th of June and serves up a feast for the eyes and the stomach by means of the freshest produce available from local kitchen gardens.

Cupcake royalty at delicious, delightful Royaume Melazic

Update: Unfortunately, the Geneva branch of Royaume Melazic was a casualty of the pandemic, but the Lausanne branch located at Rue Madeleine 12 remains. Please read on and find out more about this sister-act success story.  DON’T you love turning the corner on a tried-and-true path only to lock eyes on […]

Garden Recipe: Fresh-off-the-vine cherry tomato & zucchini stew

IF like us you have a vegetable garden, you know now’s the moment when all the planting, watering and pruning of the last three months is literally bearing fruit in overwhelming abundance. For us that means on a daily basis collecting buckets of sweet, bursting-with-flavor cherry tomatoes and a nice […]

recipe from Geneva top chef

Quinoa Salad with Vegetables by Chef Alessio Corda of the “Living Room”

HEAD Chef Alessio Corda loves healthy, seasonal, full-flavored ingredients — preferably locally sourced — for his delicious dishes at the Ritz-Carlton Hôtel de la Paix’s stylish new restaurant the Living Room, the launch of which I had the pleasure of attending in January. With Spring rapidly approaching, I asked Chef Corda for a recipe […]

Geneva’s Halle de Rive market celebrates 45 years of artisanal food & drink

SINCE the early 1900s, Geneva’s food hall has been a beloved feature of culinary life in the city. Many generations of the same local families — and expatriates and visitors who come and go and come back again — loyally purchase goods from the merchants whose stands line the two long corridors […]

Recipe-vegetable curry

Recipe: Vegetable curry with lime rice

AT THIS time of year, I like nothing better than a full-flavored curry to wake up my taste buds after months of more tame seasonal fare. My husband recently cooked up this dish based on one he found in the January 2017 issue of Delicious magazine. As usual, he made some test […]

ethnic food shopping in geneva

Finding your taste of home at Geneva’s purveyors of ethnic food & ingredients

THE diversity of foreign foodstuffs on Swiss and local French supermarket shelves has dramatically increased over the past few decades as has the number of independent suppliers offering high-quality ethnic ingredients from faraway sources. So an expat desperate for a fix of home needn’t go far to satisfy cravings for a favorite edible or to find the […]

desserts table

Casual fusion dining in a revamped historic setting at the “Living Room”

THE Living Room, the new bar and morning-to-night restaurant unveiled on January 13th at the Ritz-Carlton Hôtel de la Paix on Geneva’s lakefront, differs from any living room that I’ve ever inhabited except that it strives to create in its patrons the same casual feeling that some might have in the comfort of their own living […]

Devotion to quality underpins Boréal Coffee’s success

IN THE eight years since Boréal Coffee opened its first outlet the business has seen many changes, but one thing remains the same: an underlying commitment to serve the best espresso-based coffee drinks in Geneva…and now in Zurich, too. In the Spring of 2013, I met Julian Caron-Lys, co-founder and partner with Fabien Decroux of […]


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