Delicate, delicious London Fog Tea Latte

cup of London Fog tea

London Fog (Early Grey) Tea Latte: A comforting, refreshing pick-me-up.

IT SEEMS this delightful brew has been around awhile, but it took my sister (thanks, sis!) to introduce me to it on my recent visit to Vancouver. I guess it was always just around the corner waiting for me to discover it — and what a pleasant surprise.

Not only because I’d never heard of it, but because I’ve never really been a fan of Earl Grey tea, the primary ingredient. In a London Fog, however, it’s so much better than on its own or with lemon or cold milk, as I used to drink it years ago before giving it up.

Mixing hot, frothy milk (full fat is ideal, but I also use 2.5%, while some prefer it with almond or oat milk), together with vanilla, probably my favourite spice, and honey or sugar, brings extra delicacy to the Earl Grey.

While I love my espresso-based lattes, especially lavender or pistachio-flavoured, a London Fog delivers a gentler caffeine kick so it’s still an effective pick-me-up without the energy jolt and then dramatic drop that coffee brings.


After lunch, or whenever the sugar blues hit, I want a quick and easy-to-make lift, so I reach for my Nespresso milk frother, my electric tea kettle, an envelope of Earl Grey…and to make things even simpler, a 250ml (CHF6.40 at a Coop superstore) bottle of Monin Madagascar Vanilla syrup (no need to add sugar or honey) and just ten minutes later, I’m enjoying a comforting brew break…

You can add lavender buds as well, and steep them along with the Earl Grey tea before straining them out. Just remember that a few buds go a long way when it comes to flavour. Reserve a sprig to decorate the top of your latte.


London Fog Tea Latte 

Recipe for one person.

Ingredients: Play with the proportions for the blend that’s perfect for you!

  • 1 cup (237ml) strong Earl Grey tea
  • 1/2 cup (118ml) milk
  • 2.5 tsp Monin Madagascar Vanilla syrup (or substitute 1/4 tsp vanilla extract and honey or sugar to taste)


    • Boil the water and steep the tea bag 3-5 minutes until full bodied.
    • Meanwhile, heat and froth the milk in the Nespresso frother — or on the stove or in the microwave, but don’t boil or scald it.
    • Pour the tea into your favourite big mug and add the vanilla syrup.
    • Add the hot milk, with a generous portion of froth. Enjoy!
  • Do you have a brew that’s special to you? Or a particular ingredient or preparation method that sets your drinks apart? Please share in the comments below — I’d love to hear your tips.

    A grateful nod to Gimme some Oven and The Healthy Maven.

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