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UNIcréa ed. 25: Enjoy a riot of creativity in art, fashion and design at the Château de Morges from 3-6 May

By the time spring comes around again I know it’s time for the “riot” of creativity that is the UNIcréa Arts & Crafts Salon, which twice annually brings together more than 100 artisans ‘handpicked’ for their originality, passion and talent by UNIcréa founder and director Céline Dreveton.

Montreal’s McCord Museum: preserving the First Peoples’ cultural heritage for future generations

This is a special year for Canada and for my hometown Montreal as they both mark another benchmark year in their respective histories. In recognition, I want to include a piece about a cultural gem that is well worth adding to your bucket list of must-see museums should you ever be fortunate enough to visit. Here, Montreal-born writer Andrea Grimaud gives us her impressions as to why the McCord Museum is so worth your while to experience. Throughout the year, Montreal’s McCord Museum mounts stunning temporary exhibitions dedicated to illuminating for citizens and out-of-towners alike the history, people and communities of this vibrant, multicultural city, which this year celebrates its 375th birthday just as Canada marks its 150th.

The Swiss Romandy’s premier Arts & Crafts Fair — UNIcréa — brings creativity to the forefront at the Château de Morges from 4-7 May

If it’s spring it’s time again for the creative extravaganza that is the UNIcréa Arts & Crafts Salon, which twice annually brings together more than 100 artisans ‘handpicked’ for their originality, passion and talent by UNIcréa founder and director Céline Dreveton. I spoke with Céline last autumn (Meet Céline Dreveton: Artisan, Entrepreneur and Creative Force) just before the Salon’s 22nd edition at the Château de la Sarraz and she impressed me with her commitment to unveiling fresh, new talent at each subsequent fair.


Meet Céline Dreveton: Artisan, Entrepreneur and Creative Force behind the UNIcréa arts & crafts fair

From 3-6 November, 100 talented artisans from across Europe will gather at the magical Château de la Sarraz above Lausanne for the 22nd ed. of the UNIcréa Salon for Art, Fashion & Decor. This ‘must do’ biannual event attracted more than 6,000 arts and crafts lovers to its Spring edition at the Château de Morges last May, many of whom were returning clientele eager to enjoy four-days of original creations, fashion shows, children’s workshops, and a uniquely welcoming and upbeat atmosphere that celebrates artisanal craftsmanship at its best.


“Imagine. Create. Shape. Arts & Crafts in Carouge” puts local artisans in the spotlight at the Musée de Carouge

You’ll have noticed by now that I’m a big fan of the artisans of Carouge, the lovely Sardinian enclave that’s so close geographically and yet so far in terms of architecture, shopping, and “vibe” from neighboring Geneva. Many of these celebrated differences find their source in Carouge’s heyday as Geneva’s economic rival. Border trade made it a commercial hub and the population exploded (from 500 to 4,700 in the twenty years from 1772-1792) sparking an influx of diverse artisans to service its daily needs.

Artisans “aim for the moon” at Salon UNIcréa at the Château de Morges from 28 April to 1 May. Plus: my top picks from the Salon.

More than 100 talented artisans (see my top picks below) are gathering this weekend at the majestic Château de Morges for the 21st edition of Salon UNIcréa, dedicated to art, decoration and fashion. This year’s theme, “aim for the moon” guarantees originality along with the usual abundance of creative innovation, imagination, and craftmanship. One thing is guaranteed: UNIqueness! So what are you up to this weekend? I ask just in case you don’t have plans or might be tempted to break them. For if art and creativity are your loves, then the place for you to be is by the lake at Morges, from tomorrow up to and including Sunday. Seven ‘universes’ supply the materials That’s where an abundance of talented painters, sculptors, clothes designers, hat makers, photographers, ceramicists, woodworkers and glassblowers will present their handmade creations fashioned from one of the seven “Universes” of wood, metal, earth, glass, textiles, stone and paint. You can see some of the offerings available on Salon UniCréa’s Facebook page. Purchasing an item from one of the participants means you’re supporting independent creative artists and small businesses. Also, for this edition UNIcréa is sponsoring donations to …


Voila! Master artisans in the spotlight during Les Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Arts 2016 in Swiss Romandy

Do you fancy a class in floral design? Are you interested in furniture, watch or jewellery making? Perhaps you’d like to learn how to draw a comic strip? Observe the crafting of leather into saddles or handbags or wood into musical instruments. Witness the restoration of precious books and artworks. Then again, maybe you’re curious about shaping rigid fabrics into delicate hats. Manipulating hot metal into lamps, ironwork and decorative objects. The intricate handiwork of ceramicists and illustrators. Or meeting the costumers, wigmakers and back-stage technicians who bring threatrical productions to life. All this and much more are ours to discover during Les Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Arts in Geneva and in Vaud on 15, 16, and 17 April; in Jura on 23 and 24 April; and in Neuchâtel on 22, 23 and 24 April. Entrance to all events, which are conducted in French, is free but in some cases requires registration (and places can be limited).   A European-wide arts and crafts event Launched in France in 2002, Les Journées des Métiers d’Arts became an …