Jewellery on a cabinet in a Geneva jewellery boutique

Atelier 9: A tale of pluck, luck, timing & talent

Starting a new, storefront business is risky at the best of times. But when the opportunity arose in the Autumn of 2020, with a global pandemic and lockdowns underway, it took a special leap of faith to even consider it. 

basket of Oak Orchard jams, jellies, and relish

Oak Orchard Edibles: from Garden to Table

ONCE UPON a time in a canton not very far away (Basel, that is) there lived a young man who one day returned from Boy Scout camp to take over his mother’s kitchen.

Uninspired by the prospect of boiled salt-water potatoes, Martin fried the uncooked spuds in oil and butter, added salt, pepper, a dash of spice, and fresh rosemary and basil.

At “So Many Queens” a passion for small, independent fashion labels

  WALKING into concept store So Many Queens in the picturesque village of Perroy, you know you’ve arrived in an oasis of quality, beauty and good taste that’s reflected first and foremost in the collection of high-quality fashion and accessories on display as well as in the airy, serene space […]

La Boutique Danoise: Danish Design Deciphered

ONCE you scratch the surface (figuratively, of course) of Danish furniture design there’s just no turning back. Boris Liger, Manager of Geneva’s La Boutique Danoise — for whom Danish design is not just a job, but a passion — explains why it elicits such enthusiasm and the reasons for its […]

Creative Journeys: A Q&A Interview with Artist and Teacher Yvonne Morell

THE characters and themes brought to vibrant, colorful life in artist Yvonne Morell’s artworks are familiar and yet strikingly original. Her depictions cast a fresh light on everyday occurrences, habits and objects with an engaging warmth, wit and humanity. In this interview she tells us what inspires her in life and […]

A love of uniqueness and harmony reigns at Capricieuse

SOME shopowners sell to make a living. Others care about their merchandise but keep the relationship strictly professional. Then there are those who embrace the individuality and provenance of each article as if it were a child, valuing its uniqueness while creating a harmony in the family of merchandise as a […]

Devotion to quality underpins Boréal Coffee’s success

IN THE eight years since Boréal Coffee opened its first outlet the business has seen many changes, but one thing remains the same: an underlying commitment to serve the best espresso-based coffee drinks in Geneva…and now in Zurich, too. In the Spring of 2013, I met Julian Caron-Lys, co-founder and partner with Fabien Decroux of […]

EHL culinary arts program

Rubbing shoulders with excellence at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

RECENTLY, I was priveleged to be invited together with a group of fellow bloggers to participate in a series of enjoyable and informative workshops at the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) recognized as the world’s foremost educational institution for hospitality and hotel management. Since 1893, the EHL has pioneered managerial training for careers […]


The salads are always greener at Elsalad

WHEN I first moved to Switzerland almost 30 years ago, eating in the streets — other than a Bratwurst at festival time or an ice cream in summer — was not the done thing. Takeouts for the lunchtime crowd offered uninspiring sandwiches usually comprised of two huge slabs of bread with a thin […]

weaving carouge

On the path of the artisans of Carouge during Les Journées des Métiers d’Art

THE recent Journées des Métiers d’Art (JEMA) gave the public a unique opportunity to visit the ateliers of the talented artisans of the Swiss Romandy and to go behind the scenes to witness the skill and craftsmanship required to design, create and maintain articles of beauty, originality and longevity. The municipality of Carouge owes much […]

Artisans “aim for the moon” at Salon UNIcréa at the Château de Morges + my top picks

MORE than 100 talented artisans (see my top picks below) are gathering this weekend at the majestic Château de Morges for the 21st edition of Salon UNIcréa, dedicated to art, decoration and fashion. This year’s theme, “aim for the moon” guarantees originality along with the usual abundance of creative innovation, imagination, and […]


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