Géraldine Rohrer – a gifted young jeweller makes her formal debut at Galerie Annick Zufferey in Carouge


EVEN before Géraldine Rohrer graduated this year with a Bachelor’s degree in Design Jewellery & Accessories from Geneva University of Art & Design (HEAD) she’d already had pieces on show at Galerie Annick Zufferey in Carouge.

“I wouldn’t be able to do that with every student,” Annick Zufferey tells me, “but I knew I could rely on Géraldine. She’s hardworking, intelligent and sensitive, and she has passion and patience so even though she’s working intensely, it’s almost not like work for her.”

Since late September, Géraldine has been exposing some of her latest collection at the Galerie under the title “Des plumes dans la tête”. The exhibition continues until this Saturday, 15 October and is a wonderful opportunity to see the very unique pieces handcrafted by this talented, up-and-coming young jeweller. (If you cannot make it to the exhibition, a few pieces will still be on hand afterwards.)

I asked Géraldine to tell me a little about herself, her training, and what she draws her inspiration from. Here’s what she had to say:

“During my training as an apprentice jeweller at the Applied Arts School in La Chaux-de-Fonds (2008-2013), my teachers inpired me with a very open vision of jewellery making.

Then at HEAD (2013-2016), I met people of great artistic richness with whom I was able to build relationships and who continue to follow and support me in my projects to this day.

Being involved with Galerie Annick Zufferey as a “young graduate” has been a privilege. Annick was very supportive of me during my studies, she taught me many things and I’m very grateful for everything she does to promote my work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Describing my “universe” is not simple. My pieces cannot be read instantly. They observe, manipulate, listen. There’s a certain poetry that emerges when we take them in our hands. I put great emphasis on making each piece a fragment of history, a single object to be cherished and pampered. My jewels are like little creatures that should be treated with sensitivity and care.

Although I’m not literally inspired by nature to create, being out in it allows me to escape and cut myself off from city life for a few hours in the dense forests or clearings. There I find materials such as bone, antler, and mushrooms, which I transform, integrating gold, silver and precious stones. The aesthetic alliance between these natural materials embodying a certain history with other noble materials is one of the key points in my work.

All my pieces have names. This gives them an identity and creates an intimacy between the object and the person who will wear it.” ♥

The Galerie Annick Zufferey, Place des Charmettes 1, 1227 Carouge, is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 13h-18h30 and on Saturday from 11h-17h. Telephone: 022.343.03.05.

Caption main photo: “Une presence lumineuse.” Earrings, gold 750, silver plate 925, resin, citrine, deer bone, 2016, by Géraldine Rohrer.

Jewellery featured in the slideshow:
“Brasier d’automne”, Ring, silver 925, resin, spinel, fox bone, 2016
“Nuit sans fin” Earrings, silver 925, resin, prasiolite, fox bone, 2016
“Gouttes de pluie dans les poumons”, Broach,  silver 925, resin, citrine, deer bone, 2016
“Fleur nue”, Necklace,  Ag 925, prasiolite, 2016
“Le cœur aux grelots”, Earrings, silver 925, tourmaline, resin, fox bone, 2016
“Des plumes dans la tête”, Ring, gold 750, Ag 925, dental composite, resin, green diamonds, prasiolite, 2016

Photographs are by Helen Van den Haute and Théophile Gebel.

2 responses to “Géraldine Rohrer – a gifted young jeweller makes her formal debut at Galerie Annick Zufferey in Carouge”

  1. Oh my gosh, the citrine and silver filigree! Her work is so delicate and unusual. And that ring is sumptuous, but so modern. Wow.



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