Geneva’s artists open their doors for “Atelier (rr)ouvre-toi” 14-15 October

Act-Art- open house

IT sometimes seems to me that Geneva has more artists per square inch than any other city of comparable size. An event this coming Saturday and Sunday, 14-15 October, only fuels that impression.

At more than 50 locations, from Genthod to Bernex, Grand-Saconnex to Chêne-Bourg, and Satigny to Cologne-Bellerive, more than 140 talented artists — painters, sculptors, and jewellery makers — are opening their doors to you and me in the spirit of open exchange and a shared love of art and interest in the creative process.

The goal of this, the 3rd edition of Atelier (rr)ouvre-toi, is to promote the Geneva contemporary art scene through encounters between artists and art lovers right where creativity takes shape — at more than 100 individual or shared ateliers across the city.

Plan your itinerary

The event’s easy-to-use website profiles the work of the artists involved, the medium in which they work, and their location and allows you to create your own itinerary by clicking on the button “Ajouter à ma visite” (Add to my visit) underneath your chosen artist. Hop on over to the “Ma Visite” (My visit) page and print off your agenda for the day.

So if you’re passionate, or just curious, about art and want to meet some of Geneva’s established and up-and-coming contemporary artists this is a glowing opportunity to see them in action in their own studios where they conjure their own unique creative magic. 

Thanh-Vu-act-art open house
Artwork copyright Thanh Vu.

Atelier (rr)ouvre-toi…
Week-end Open House in Artists’ Ateliers
Saturday, 14 – Sunday, 15 October 2017
Hours: 12:00-19:00

Main photo caption: The Act-Art 2017 Open House gives us access to the ateliers of more than 140 artists, including clockwise from top: Aline Morvan, Centre genevois de gravure-contemporaine, Ursina Ramondetto, Xavier Cardinaux, Jacqueline Perrodin, Isabelle Racine, and centre, Annick Berclaz.

4 responses to “Geneva’s artists open their doors for “Atelier (rr)ouvre-toi” 14-15 October”

  1. I really like those yellow ‘sea urchin’ containers. Not sure what they do (if anything), but they’re really neat!


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