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yoga shop geneva

The Yoga Shop Geneva: where body, mind & soul meet in perfect harmony

It’s always a delight to find that something you desire, but which seems out of reach, turns out to be available right on your doorstep. Last summer when visiting my hometown, Montreal, my sister Pamela introduced me to the Canadian yoga, fitness and relaxation clothing brand Lolë; it was love at first sight of their beautifully tailored garments in a wide range of styles and colors in easy-to-care-for materials. Great for wearing in a yoga class, but also for everyday and evening wear. So once back here I was really pleased to discover Lolë on my doorstep courtesy of a delightful boutique located near Plainpalais called the Yoga Shop. Everything you could ask for It’s fully stocked with everything you might want and need to practice yoga, from high-quality clothing for women (including, yippee!, Lolë) and men (and delightful yogi t-shirts, hats and bodysuits for tots) to bolsters, mats, blocks, straps ‘n belts, blankets, posters, books, cards, DVDs and some very hip jewellery as well as beautiful mala prayer beads made of wood, seeds or crystal. The shop itself is a bright, colorful and …