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Making a sewing pattern from scratch: Lesson 1

I HAVE been sewing since the age of 11, my first creation having been a short white tennis dress with 4 seams (two side seams and two shoulder seams) and a roll-up hemline and decorated with some green piping down the middle. I felt very sporty-chic and seriously caught the sewing bug.

Sewing and Needle Craft Supplies

OVER the years, many shops and sewing departments dedicated to selling fabrics, patterns and haberdashery have disappeared from the Geneva-area landscape. Those that remain largely stock fabrics for home and hobby and less for couture creations, as well as basic sewing notions (thread, seaming binding, scissors, etc). It’s been a […]

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Me and my Bernina: A Swiss love affair

THE chances of my being interviewed for a Proust Questionnaire–those Q&As so popular in trendy magazines wherein the celebrity being profiled dishes on their likes and dislikes, favorite quotes, the contents of their handbag and most tellingly, their most prized possession–are small to nil, yet I can’t help but ponder […]

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February Sewing Project: A wool & faux-leather jacket

STARTING a new project at this chilly, sometimes dull time of year usually lights a creative spark in me that pushes me through to Spring. I’m counting on this straightforward sewing project to do it for me this time round. I’ve been a bit slow getting to it. I found the fabrics — […]


Sewing an abstract-print blouse for business or leisure time

HERE I AM, striking as close to a proper model’s pose as I can manage, to show the neckline gathering (front and back) and waistline tucks in this pretty abstract-print polyester blouse I made using Butterick’s See & Sew pattern B6156. I’m not a huge fan of polyester, but this one is so […]

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A cool dress just right for a Swiss heatwave

LITTLE did I know (though I might have expected) that a heatwave would be rolling our way now when back in May I ordered this pattern by Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity UK. I was in the mood for something a little different and View B, featured on the envelope photograph, with its eye-catching cut-out sleeves, […]

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A ‘kwik’ Spring sewing project for a devoted fabric-a-holic

I RECENTLY returned from a trip to Montreal to visit with my family where I brought a few sewing patterns with me from Switzerland just in case there was spare time to explore some of fabric stores that I used to haunt as a teenager. Turns out that jaunts to the […]

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Beating the Winter blahs with a new Sewing Project

  NOTHING gets me through the colder weather blahs better than a creative push through to Spring and this time round that means a new sewing project. I really like this Very Easy Vogue pattern I ordered online (from US) for a laid-back, but still semi-structured bohemian-style jacket that strikes me as something I […]