Beating the Winter blahs with a new Sewing Project

jacket sewing project

NOTHING gets me through the colder weather blahs better than a creative push through to Spring and this time round that means a new sewing project.

I really like this Very Easy Vogue pattern I ordered online (from US) for a laid-back, but still semi-structured bohemian-style jacket that strikes me as something I wouldn’t be able to find in Swiss shops…making it just that little bit unique. It can be made to suit both indoor and outdoor wear depending on the length of the bodice and sleeves, as well as the collar style you choose to use. And of course, your choice of fabric will determine whether it suits outdoor temperatures or not (it’s unlined).

I plan on making it to wear on crisp Spring or Autumn days and I’ve found a thick 100% pure wool material in a lovely deep-blue flecked with grey on one side and on the other, deep-grey flecked with blue.

I’ll be making it in style B (medium length with long sleeves) but with collar A. And to make the most of the two-tone fabric, I’ll make the bodice in blue, but the collar two-tone: grey on top and blue underneath so that it blends seamlessly with the bodice when I turn up the collar.Chances are I’ll be lengthening the belt as well as I love having extra length to allow for tying it in a variety of styles.

I’m not the fastest of sewers so this might take a few weeks to get done, but check back from time to time if you’re interested in seeing how I do because I’ll be adding a photo of the finished garment to this post when it’s all wrapped up. Wish me luck!

sewing pattern

To find out more about sewing resources in the Geneva area, read my blog post about them here. How about you? Do you have any creative project to get you through to Spring? If so, drop me a line and let me know what it is…

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