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Note: if a specific craft is mentioned above, please check the applicable page for any information about courses pertaining to it. Otherwise, please reference the information below. Also, as I am unable to try out every course offered, these are suggestions for your further exploration and cannot come with my guarantee as to your personal satisfaction. However, I do welcome you to contact me with your feedback and/or suggestions.

Pottery courses:

  • Judith Stoudmann-Panczel, Ceramisist, offers pottery courses for adults and children at her atelier in Eysins, Vaud. Tel: 022.361.16.42 / 076.464.99.89 and at email:

Gardening courses:

  • Swiss Gardening School provides enjoyable and easy-to-follow introductory courses in English in spring and summer for gardening novices, and also advanced courses for more experienced amateurs (including an evening master class) aiming to expand their knowledge.

Floral design:

  • La Noyère: Anne-Catherine Goetschin offers floral design workshops in her atelier at La Noyère in Mont-sur-Rolle. These are offered either as stand-alone workshops or in combination with themed culinary classes offered in her kitchen by specialty chefs on the same day.



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