Faces of the Fribourg Carnival 2023

Face of a woman at the Fribourg Carnival 2023

A woman dressed as a Smurf in a procession at the Fribourg Carnival.

ONE OF the first carnivals in the Swiss calendar to greet the coming Spring, Fribourg’s “Carnaval des Bolzes” this year brought large, familial crowds to the streets of its Old Town on the surprisingly warm and sunny third Sunday in February.

This medieval jewel of a city, one of the country’s hilliest and most dramatic due to its setting along the crest and down the sides of a deep valley, may not host the largest, oldest nor most organised carnival. But that only adds to the feeling of spontaneity, sweetness, and homemade-ness that makes it all the more endearing.

Take a look at some of the many faces, old and young, that brought the day alive with their color and enthusiasm, and some city perspectives that served as a spectacular backdrop for all the festivities.

Panoramic view of Fribourg, Switzerland.
View of buildings along a valley at Fribourg, Switzerland.
A statue and view of the cathedral spire at Fribourg, Switzerland.
A drawing of Fribourg painted on top of two mailboxes.
A man in costume walks down a street in Fribourg Old Town.
A man with a white wig, goggles on his forehead and face painted gold.
A man in a parade with a face painted red and white and carrying a trombone.
A woman with a painted face plays the trumpet in the parade.
A man with painted eyebrows throws confetti.
A woman on a float with a face painted with green lines and wearing an aluminium costume.
A little girl wears a homemade NASA spacesuit with a large, round helmet made of paper maché.
The back view of three children dressed in homemade costumes  as NASA astronauts.
Two men in clown costumes selling confetti from a cart.
The hair of a young child covered in confetti.
A woman staring out from a restaurant window.

What’s been your favourite carnival so far this year? I’d love to know which one and why… Please let me know in the Comments below.

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