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“Cold Blood” at the Théâtre de Carouge lets fingers do the walking, the talking — in English on 26 January — and even some dancing, too

theatre production

The mysteries of life’s final moment explored: Cold Blood at the Théâtre de Carouge in English for one performance only on 26 January. Photo: ©JulienLambert.

Last summer I posted about how the Théâtre de Carouge reaches out to Geneva’s international, multilingual audience with innovative new techniques and imaginative special events.

Now it’s taking that effort one step further with a special performance entirely in English of a mesmerizing new production that promises to be unlike anything seen in the City of Calvin before — Cold Blood.

An ode to life

This production for theatre-goers age 12 and up by choreographer Michèle Anne de Mey, filmmaker Jaco van Dormael and the Kiss & Cry collective is described as: “An ode to life at the intersection of different media – film, dance, music, and theatre – (that) has a rare emotional power.”

The poetic, dream-like text by Thomas Gunzig: “forces us to consider the fragility of life by exploring the instant just before (our) final breath that transforms our existence.

“You think (…) your life flashes before your eyes, but that’s not what happens. Only one image remains, unexpected, after everything else has disappeared (…) the softness of skin, a vanilla-scented afternoon.” The production explores its theme with humanity, tenderness and nostalgia in a thoroughly original way.


Carouge Theatre

Cold Blood: Lighthearted moments feature some impressive tap (thimble) dancing. Original photo: ©JulienLambert.

Letting fingers do the telling

Accompanied by an arresting musical score, a mesmerizing voicover accompanies a “nano-dance” on stage: hands perform on miniature film sets as a film crew simultaneously shoots and projects the “ballet” onto a large screen.

Following on from the global success of Kiss & Cry’s nano-dances in 2011, this one-and-a-quarter hour production looks at the memories — sights, sounds, smells — that might come to us in our final moments.

This thought-provoking, visually innovative production incites a range of emotions from moody introspective moments to a tap-happy Fred and Ginger-inspired interlude. It looks to be a unique and memorable theatrical experience. 


Cold Blood
by Michèle Anne de Mey, Jaco van Dormael, and the Kiss & Cry collective
9 January to 3 February 2018 in French
Special English performance on 26 January at 8pm


cyrano at carouge theatreThéatre de Carouge
Salle François-Simon – Rue Ancienne 39
Ticket office: +41 22 343 43 43
Email: info(at)
Administration: +41 22 343 25 55
Practical info





  1. Martin says

    Sounds intriguingly interesting – not only the story itself but also how it seems to be presented to the audience. Looking forward to see it. Martin


  2. Andrea says

    It sounds fascinating. I especially like how it touches on all the senses and addresses a serious subject with both thoughtfulness and levity.


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