February Sewing Project: A wool & faux-leather jacket

sewing fabric

STARTING a new project at this chilly, sometimes dull time of year usually lights a creative spark in me that pushes me through to Spring. I’m counting on this straightforward sewing project to do it for me this time round.

I’ve been a bit slow getting to it. I found the fabrics — a lovely black-and-grey wool/viscose blend and black faux-leather with a pretty square imprint — last autumn while visiting Montreal. I intended to get it done by Christmas, but travels, unexpected projects, and my best excuse yet: carpal tunnel surgery that has left my dominant right hand heavily bandaged, have put a spanner in the works.

sewing fabric
New Look (Simplicity) pattern 6302: a sweater-like jacket in wool/viscose and faux-leather

That’s why I’m calling this a “February sewing project”, because I’m hoping that in approximately one week’s time, when the bandage is off and the wrist stronger, I can get cracking and start putting thread to needle.

If you’re curious, please check back here around mid-February mid-March to see how it’s turned out. I’ve already chosen some jewellery to go with it…so now all I have to do is get going and make it a reality!


At last! February March Project completed

So I’m happy to finally post a photo of my sewing project, which didn’t take long to make once I got going (that was the tough part) but presented a few challenges…the thickness of the fabric changed the look from a sweater to a jacket, which is fine. But I have to remember that the thicker the fabric, the thicker the seams especially where they join (at the collar, under the arms, etc) and where you most want comfort.

The faux leather was easy to work with, using a ball-tip needle (such as for stretch fabrics) and remembering certain tips (like basting inside a seam allowance to avoid punctures showing up). Next time, I want to use one of those lightweight, super sleek fake leather fabrics in gold, copper or silver — their luminosity and suppleness are so hard to resist.

8 responses to “February Sewing Project: A wool & faux-leather jacket”

  1. The fabrics you chose are very rich looking and the colour is very versatile. Your chosen jewellery looks super with the fabric already. I look forward to seeing the finished product once your hand is back to full use.


  2. I have no doubt this project will be completed before I have cut out the pattern for the sofa cover! (aka, my white whale, unless I get cracking!).

    I really like that fabric you chose…


  3. love the pattern, love the fabrics. I’m sure it will look ab-fab – I’m already looking forward to see all finished and you wearing it !!!


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