Le Renard: for need-to-know addresses in Geneva

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WHEN I passed through Gare Cornavin in Geneva last week I noticed that there are still copies available at the TPG office of the sixth edition of Le Renard sur la Lune, ed. 2014, in which the area’s favorite little fox sniffs out more than 1200 indispensable addresses in the Geneva area for us to explore and enjoy.

A publication of the UNIRESO (rail, tram, bus and boat) transit authority linking greater Geneva with adjacent areas of Vaud Canton and neighbouring France, this 320-page paperback features the same funky retro look and offbeat humour as its sister publication, the biannual brochure Ou Bien?!

Like that little magazine, Le Renard offers up practical info for getting around on the area’s public transport system, as well as bus and tram zone guides, and maps. However the main reason for letting the little fox out to prowl is to offer readers a comprehensive guide to the city’s restaurants, shops, businesses, and events.

Looking for a tasty take-out, gourmet chocolate, ethnic cuisine, or a local wine bar? Flip to the section Savourer (Savour) for a listing of available options, a menu overview, address and contact details, and relevant transport links. Ditto for clubs, vintage clothing shops, museums, art galleries, theatres, cinemas, and libraries.

Want to check out the area’s swimming and cycling spots and rent sports equipment? Or plan some fun en famille and mark your calendars for upcoming festivals? You’ll find what you need to get started in this handy and comprehensive paperback.

This free guide (available in French) can compete with many of its for-sale competitors, so why not pick up a copy at the TPG office next time you find yourself at Gare Cornavin. It has all the makings of an indispensible addition to your purse or napsack.


Geneva guidebook

While you’re at the TPG, pick up a free copy of Ou Bien?!, a quarterly publication published by UNIRESO. Find out about the latest changes to the public transit schedule and discover tips about the hottest addresses for eating, shopping and culture in the ‘city of Calvin’. Fun and informative, this small pamphlet with its funky, vintage design will come in very handy.

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