painting supplies Geneva-Vaud-switzerland

AS hobbyists one of the first questions we want answered when moving to a new area — especially in a new country — is where do I find the supplies I need to do my hobbies?

While it may not be possible to find exactly the same products we used back home, often new ones are there to be discovered either in local shops or easily ordered online.

To help you get started finding your hobby and arts and crafts supplies in the Geneva-Vaud region, I’ve compiled a list of references below, some of which are based on my own experience, some by way of friends’ recommendations and others from online searches.

As always, if you come up with some new tips please drop me a line so I can add them to the list and help other hobbyists find what they need. I hope you find these suggestions helpful.

Art supplies


Kramer Krieg, Lausanne and online-shop.
Gerstaecker, online-shop.
Aux Beaux-Arts Perrier, Geneva.
Jallut Beaux-Arts, Swiss Romandy.
Brachard, Geneva.
Jumbo for basic arts and crafts supplies.
Hornbach for basic arts and crafts supplies.

Ceramics/Pottery supplies

Les Argiles du Moulin – Caspar Ceramique, near Yverdon-les-Bains. Online-shop.
Lehmhuus AG, at Aesch near Basel. Online-shop.

Sewing, Knitting, Quilt making, etc, supplies


Please read my blog post “Sewing and Needlecraft Supplies” for a list of outlets.

Scrapbooking supplies

Etsy Switzerland, online-shop.
Azza Shop, online-shop.
Cap sur le Scrap, online-shop.
Scrap house, online-shop.

Jewellery making supplies (Bead shops)

New Bead Box, Lausanne for beads, group and individual courses, and repairs.
La Cave à Beads, online-shop or by appointment and also at the Plainpalais and Nyon outdoor markets.
Le Jardin des Perles, with two outlets, one in Morges and one in Nyon.

Photography supplies

The Geneva Photo Club recommends checking out Top Preise to compare prices across Switzerland. For second-hand purchases, refer to (free) and also (paid).

Decorative Office supplies

Bookbinders Design, throughout Switzerland
Kramer Krieg, Lausanne
Ordning&Reda, 20 rue de Rive, Geneva
Globus department stores in Switzerland.
Brachard, Geneva.
Manor department stores in Switzerland.
Coop – larger outlets and Coop City.

Gardening supplies

Schlliger, top garden centre at Gland, Matran and Plan les Ouates.
Jumbo Brico-Loisirs, garden centre at Geneva, Chavannes, and elsewhere in Swiss Romandy.
Migros Brico-Loisirs, garden centre at M-Parc La Praille, Nyon, and elsewhere in Swiss Romandy.
Botanic, garden centre in France at St. Genis Pouilly, Ville La Grand.
Jardiland, garden centre in France at Ornex.
Hornback for garden furniture and supplies