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“Shadows” illuminates the Hermitage until October 2019

I’M chuffed how, in its recent exhibits, the Hermitage Foundation has managed to include a favourite painting of mine – this time, it’s one I loved during my five-year stay as an expat in Hampstead, London.

“British Painting from Turner to Whistler” at Hermitage Foundation

LIVING in London, as I did from 1994 to 1999 meant being spoiled for choice when it came to top-notch museums and art galleries. In particular I enjoyed visiting the Tate Britain on Millbank, which houses the nation’s Turner Collection as well as beloved works by the Pre-Raphaelites and remarkable […]

“Christa de Carouge” celebrates a beloved, local fashion designer

CHRISTA de Carouge, “the lady in black”, left a lasting impression on Swiss fashion and made the Geneva suburb of Carouge, whose name she adopted, famous well beyond its borders. Her multifunctional clothes made with graphic designs in luxurious and innovative fabrics bestowed upon those who wore them elegance, freedom […]

Images Festival 2018 turns Vevey into an open-air photo museum

  I KNOW it’s a little late in the game to be telling you about the outdoor photography exhibition called Festival Images Vevey that since the 8th of this month has taken over the parks, buildings, streets (and even a portion of Lac Leman) of this picturesque city, but with […]

Stained glass treasures at Romont’s VitroMusée

A VISIT to the Romont Vitromusée has all the elements of a perfect day trip: a singular collection found in an historic setting that’s accessible via direct rail links running through a stunning, pastoral landscape. From Medieval to Contemporary times The Romont Vitromusée of Stained Glass and Reverse Painting on Glass exhibits […]

“Manguin” at Hermitage Foundation captures hot summer days

  Just as the season for languid, lazy moments has arrived in the Swiss Romandy comes a new exhibition at the Hermitage Foundation in Lausanne that captures the very essence of hot summer days and nights. In Manguin: The voluptuousness of color we see some 100 works — paintings, sketches and […]

“Plouf! A History of Swimming in the Léman”

THE cheerful exhibition Plouf! A History of Swimming in the Léman provides a playful means to learn about the history of the Lake and its significance over the years to fans of its shores and waters. It’s especially informative when combined with a tour of the Museum’s permanent collection of […]

Prangins Indian cotton exhibit

“Chintz: A Fabric that revolutionised the World” at the Château de Prangins

  TO MARK its 20th anniversary, the Château de Prangins has opened a major exhibit on the printed cotton material know as chintz. Originating in India, the 17th-century European craze for this fabric and its floral motifs dominated the global economy, society and fashion for 200 years. Celebrating its two […]

Pastels Hermitage exhibit

Pastels across Five Centuries at Lausanne’s Hermitage Foundation

  UNTIL 21st of May, the Fondation de l’Hermitage in Lausanne gives us a privileged look at the use of pastels across five centuries of art. Some 150 masterpieces from public and private collections in Switzerland — from early Renaissance masters to contemporary artists — give us a captivating look […]

nest museum vevey

Nest: a playful, informative, interactive experience the whole family can enjoy

ALTHOUGH technology-driven and educational, “Nest” bursts with fun, humor and heart — and conjures lots of fond food memories — so its message is never out of the reach of even the youngest visitor. On 15 June 2016, the CHF50 million “discovery center” Nest opened its doors to the public in the stunningly renovated factory space […]


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