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Bienvenue chez Jazz & Co.’s 2016 lineup at the Château de Coppet

Next up: Jazz & Blues singer Sydney Ellis, Friday, 18 November 2016. There’s no better antidote to the February blues (I write this as wet snow pellets hit my office window) than to indulge in some music of the same variety to lift your spirits and ease your mind. So the timing couldn’t be better for Jazz & Co., organizers of the annual series of jazz and blues concerts in the caves of the Château de Coppet, to launch their new line-up of performers for 2016, starting this weekend. Immerse yourself in African rhythms to jazz classics Friday, February 12, 2016 – Roland Tchakounte Singing in bamiléké (the Cameroonian mother tongue), Roland Tchakounte‘s deep, rich voice takes you on a trip to the roots of his music, full of magic and authenticity, offering haunting and original blues melodies that are a mixture of African rhythms and the “music of the devil”. Friday, 11 March, 2016 – Mellow Baku Mellow Baku has memories of the music her mother played her since her birth…and possibly before. The trademark sound of this young singer/songwriter is a unique blend of contemporary jazz laced with reggae melodies. She’s a virtuoso …

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Creativity at its best: UniCréa ed. 20: Art, Fashion, & Deco at the Château de La Sarraz from 5-8 November 2015

The biannual creative extravaganza that is the UniCréa Art, Fashion and Deco Salon opens for its 20th edition this weekend at the beautiful renaissance-era Château de la Sarraz at La Sarraz, located between Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains and easily accessible by car or train. More than 100 artisans participate at UniCréa and offer for sale unique, largely handmade pieces of art (paintings, sculpture), fashion (clothes, shoes and jewellery) and decor (furniture, lamps) celebrating the seven “Universes” of Wood, Metal, Earth, Glass, Textiles, Stone and Paint. Every year the artists are challenged to create artworks on a given theme and the one chosen for the 20th edition is “Like a new Life” (Comme une nouvelle vie). During the salon, visitors can vote for the artisan who they believe best fulfills the brief; the winner will be invited free of charge to the next edition of UniCréa. You can see some of the designs submitted so far on UniCréa’s Facebook page. Needless to say, you’ll find creations that are unlike any found elsewhere and it’s especially satisfying to know that purchasing an …

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Get set to swing at Jazz & Co. in the cellars of the Château de Coppet

Boogie Woogie, Swing and Blues in the 2015 lineup The schedule of concerts organized last year by “Jazz and Co.” for its annual jazz season in the caves at the Château de Coppet was a stellar one. We went along for two of the four events — the first, with superb Swedish jazz guitarist Gustav Lundgren, backed by The Swingstation Trio, and the last, with award-winning Canadian Steve Strongman — were both outstanding, offering musicianship of the highest quality. The lineup for 2015 has just been announced and the emphasis this year is heavy on old-fashioned Swing jazz and Boogie Woogie (with dashes of the Blues mixed in). On 13 February, the Swing Project Quartet takes the stage to pay homage in their usual improvisational style to the great American composers Gershwin, Berlin, Porter, and Rodgers. Then on 24 April the “Swiss Ambassador of Boogie-Woogie”, Silvan Zingg (who has accompanied Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, as well as both B.B. King and Carlos Santana at the 2011 Montreux Jazz Festival) will bring his jazz and Blues piano classics to the cave. On 2 October the Fats Boys trio will play classics originated by …