Download your pdf. here!

Create a new page and publish it but do not connect it to any menus on your site. Use a Full-width page template to avoid having the sidebar info showing.

Upload your file using the Media Library: Add Media: Upload FILES!

1.The document will appear in the media window and when you click on it you will see its URL in the window tab at the right as you do with photographs.

You can then use this URL link to add the link to words in a text as below:

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The pdf. appears and then you can click on  File: Export as pdf. or you should be able to see the buttons at the bottom of the page to download the file there.

Or you can create a downloadable file as below:

2. To get the document to appear with the tools at the bottom of the page ( + – and download), Open your Media Library and click on the uploaded file, and in the menu bar to the bottom right (in the Media Library: Attachment Display Settings) you choose: Link To: Media File and Insert. This will create a downloadable file.


3.Here I’ll try to connect the downloadable file to a photo …








Interesting note: if you use method 1 or method 3, the text appears much larger when it first opens than if you use method 2.

I’ve bookmarked the WordPress Help reference page on how to do this in my Folder “WordPress How To’s”.

In order to keep the download page private, publish it but do not add it to a menu on your blog. Then when people pay you can give them the link to the private page where they can download their materials.