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seasonal tomato salad

Tomato Salad with mozzarella, capers and almonds

To round out my short series on summer salads with seasonal fruit, I nominate this satisfyingly tasty little number that makes the most of late-August tomatoes in all their glorious, full-bodied ripeness. It comes from 101 Cookbooks, another of my favorite websites for innovative yet homey recipes (many that reinvent the way I think about using oft-used produce) that you immediately want to tuck into with a great big fork or spoon. The original recipe calls for heirloom tomatoes, but I made do with an abundant selection of non-heirlooms and I don’t think I missed out too much in the flavor department. The roasted tomatoes are luscious.

melon-salad-with lime

Melon salad with lime, chilli and cilantro

This salad just shouts SUMMER! It’s based on one of the many wonderfully tasty and inventive recipes from Smitten Kitchen. It combines seasonal fruit — in this case, watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew and even a few pieces of pineapple, but as the original recipe suggests, you can substitute other fruit or even seasonal vegetables because they should all work deliciously with the zesty topping.


Prawn, mango and chilli salad with a lime and sesame oil dressing

This refreshing and easy-to-prep recipe comes from Nigella Lawson and was featured in her 2002 publication Nigella Summer. Her original recipe calls for chicken but we found that prawns make for an even better combo with this dressing which is light but has lots of character what with the acidity of the lime, the sweetness of mango, and the zinginess of chilli.


Blue cheese and rocket salad with sourdough croutons and seasonal nectarine dressing

I recently went through my recipe binders, culling the “never-tried” from the “tried-and-true” only to find some among the latter that we had enjoyed but neglected after once giving them a go. Most featured my hand-written comments including the recipe below from Homes and Gardens magazine in 2013, which I rated as: “Lovely! Vinaigrette very nice!” I recalled how enjoyable the subtly sweet nectarine-based dressing was together with the salty, rich blue cheese and peppery rocket leaves.