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Hollywood Glamour in Carouge: the Photos of Ernest Piccot 1930-1950

photography exhibition Carouge

The classic Hollywood blonde…but in Carouge. ©Ernest Piccot, Archives de la Ville de Carouble, Fonds Piccot.

Newly reopened after the city recently lifted (partially) it’s COVID-19 lockdown, the Museum will feature this exhibition until 14 March at its temporary location at Boulevard des Promenades 25.  

The original review follows below:

There’s a little bit of glamour in all of us. Or so some of us like to think. Usually, that glamour finds expression in private moments as we gaze into the bathroom mirror freshly made up or if we catch our reflection in a storefront window on a particularly good day.

For that fleeting moment of satisfaction, a few things have to hit the right notes: the lighting, angle, clothes, mood, props and makeup. Yet rarely in our daily lives do these elements occur simultaneously and in a natural setting.

From the 1930s to 1950s, a few fortunate women had all those high notes hit, albeit in the Carouge photo studio of photographer Ernest Piccot. His portraits of local women, their identitites unrecorded and unknown, now make up a retrospective at the Musée de Carouge entitled Elles. In the Lens of Ernest Piccot


Capturing glamour and everyday life

Big cars, glamorous women. ©Ernest Piccot, Archives de la Ville de Carouble, Fonds Piccot.

Taking inspiration from Hollywood film and fashion, Piccot copied the poses, accessories, lighting and settings found in the glamorous photographic stills of that era.

But while he embraced glamour, Piccot also immortalized moments of everyday life in Carouge, including baptisms, communions and weddings.

He captured the graceful architecture of the beautiful Sardinian city in its buildings, squares and fountains. And he rounded out his diversified portfolio by practicing industrial photography.


Enduring legacy on film and glass

The femme fatale gaze.©Ernest Piccot, Archives de la Ville de Carouble, Fonds Piccot.

Deposited with the Archives of the City of Carouge upon his death, Piccot’s negatives and glass plates retain their mysteries, including the names of the models who posed for them.

What remains is testimony to the influence Hollywood held over contemporary women’s idea of beauty and how to project glamour, allure and self-confidence, however fleeting those moments were.

NB: The Musée de Carouge is currently undergoing a beautification process of its own, so visit the current exhibition in its temporary building located at Boulevard des Promenades 25, 1227 Carouge.


Elles. In the Lens of Ernest Piccot

Tues-Sun 14:00-18:00
Free entry
Musée de Carouge
Blvd. des Promenades 25
1227 Carouge


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