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“Switzerland’s Loveliest Museums, volume 2,” highlights the perfect marriage of art and architecture

Switzerland's loveliest museums
Switzerland's loveliest museums

Art and History Museum of Fribourg, Canton Fribourg

In its just-published brochure “Switzerland’s Loveliest Museums, vol. 2” the Swiss Heritage Society introduces us to 50 art museums from different eras and all regions of the country that give us a winning combination of architecture and fine art set in a memorable context.

Kirche Sogn Gieri, Rhäzüns GR

Church of Sogn Gieri, Rhäzüns, Canton Graubünden

Swiss Heritage sees the relationship between these elements as essential to evaluating a property’s impact; the arts reflect the values and ideals, and also the challenges and transformations of a society; the buildings themselves are a platform for artistic creation and a reflection of their times.

Skulpturenpark Bernhard Luginbühl, Mötschwil BE

Sculpture Park Bernhard Luginbühl, Mötschwil, Canton Bern

The spectacular rise of prices paid for works of art has boosted artistic production in Switzerland and abroad and in a knock-on effect, the construction of ever bigger and impressive museums to house art has taken on greater significance and prestige.

In compiling its favorite 50 art museums, Swiss Heritage has attempted to answer the questions: Where do we find original and quality exhibitions, even those hidden from the media spotlight?, and, What deserves to be collected and presented to the public, and in what setting?

It’s their hope that the selection will give art, architecture and conservation lovers the desire to visit the museums profiled in order to provide them with some food for thought about art, architecture and the values that underlie them.

Museo Vincenzo Vela, Ligornetto TI

Museum Vincenzo Vela, Ligornetto, Canton Ticino

The 120-page, A6-formatted booklet is rich with color photos and succinct descriptions as well as all necessary practical and contact information.

Available in French/German, it can be purchased online only together with Volume 1, entitled “Knowledge and Stories”, which focuses on the natural and human sciences and is available for purchase on its own.

The price for both is CHF32.– (members of Swiss Heritage CHF16.–) or for Volume 1 it’s CHF16.– or CHF8.–, respectively.

Anyone looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for that heritage lover in the family needn’t look any further.♥

All photos for Swiss Heritage by Christoph Oeschger.


  1. Andrea says

    A lovely idea for a gift… the next best thing to stepping into one of the amazing museums.


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