Month: July 2016


Blue cheese and rocket salad with sourdough croutons and seasonal nectarine dressing

I recently went through my recipe binders, culling the “never-tried” from the “tried-and-true” only to find some among the latter that we had enjoyed but neglected after once giving them a go. Most featured my hand-written comments including the recipe below from Homes and Gardens magazine in 2013, which I rated as: “Lovely! Vinaigrette very nice!” I recalled how enjoyable the subtly sweet nectarine-based dressing was together with the salty, rich blue cheese and peppery rocket leaves.


Food Trucks — Geneva’s all-year-round moveable feast

When I first moved to Switzerland almost 30 years ago, eating in the streets — other than a Bratwurst at festival time or an ice cream in summer — was not the done thing. Takeouts for the lunchtime crowd offered uninspiring sandwiches usually comprised of two huge slabs of bread with a thin slice each of meat and cheese atop chunks of butter and a thin wash of mustard. Foodstuffs considered exotic, such as Mexican, Thai, Chinese and even everyday North American fare could only be found at specialty shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants and possibly on Globus’s gourmet shelves for an astronomical price. Grab a takeout & head for the park How times have changed. Many “foreign” ingredients are now widely available, locally produced and much more affordable. And as far as takeout options go, things have never looked quite so good. That’s because in addition to the proliferation of good-quality sandwich, salad and sushi shops, in September 2014 the City of Geneva allocated six outdoor spots in the city center to food trucks. As of last March that number jumped to ten trucks offering a tempting array of cuisines — from Thai to BBQ, from New York deli to fresh salads and wraps, …