Leather worker Chris Murner, L’Antre-Peaux.

Chris Murner was born in Carouge, where 13 tanneries and 33 shoemakers could be found at the turn of the 20th century. She discovered a passion for leather at age 15. She undertook training, produced articles for other designers, then struck out on her own at 21 to experiment with different techniques and a variety of materials.

During six-months of study in Paris in the late 80s she forged her own personal style and returned to open her boutique in Carouge – her atelier is a few steps away in the attic of an old barn.

She enjoys collaborating with other artists and craftspeople to create handbags and accessories of exceptional quality, originality and technical prowess. Inside and outside, she considers everything: aesthetics and comfort as well as practicality and security. A work of art that expresses the owner’s particular style.

The only instructor of “maroquinerie” in the Swiss Romandy, Chris Murner has fought hard to preserve this demanding craft in the face of overwhelming competition from Italy, Morocco and Asia. To that end she has passed on her skills and expertise to two apprentices who are close to completing four years of training with her.

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