Month: January 2016

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Switzerland’s “Loveliest Museums” marry beauty with innovation

I firmly believe it’s important to preserve and protect a country’s architectural heritage, which is why I’m such a fan of the Swiss Heritage Society and it’s series of portable booklets that are aimed at connecting people with “Switzerland’s Loveliest”… whether that’s coffee houses, swimming pools, B&Bs, nature trails, and now … it’s museums. A neo-Renaissance palace, an innovative municipal museum, an archeological dig and many more, Swiss Heritage’s “Loveliest Museums, Volume 1 (Knowledge and Stories) ” focuses on 50 of the country’s 1150 museums, those that best combine quality architecture with a top-notch exhibition. Knowledge and Stories This, the first volume of the Society’s “Loveliest Museums” collection, is devoted to institutions that deal with the natural and human sciences and is entitled “Knowledge and Stories”. The selection offers a balance between Swiss regions, periods and themes, showcasing the diversity of museums — those both well- and little-known — that are available to culture lovers across the country. (A second volume on Switzerland’s loveliest museums will appear later this year spotlighting museums devoted to art.) Inventiveness & commitment According to Swiss Heritage: “To remain relevant, museums must adapt to …

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February Sewing Project: A stylish, comfy wool & faux-leather jacket

Starting a new project at this chilly, sometimes dull time of year usually lights a creative spark in me that pushes me through to Spring. I’m counting on this straightforward sewing project to do it for me this time round. I’ve been a bit slow getting to it. I found the fabrics — a lovely black-and-grey wool/viscose blend and black faux-leather with a pretty square imprint — last autumn while visiting Montreal. I intended to get it done by Christmas, but travels, unexpected projects, and my best excuse yet: carpal tunnel surgery that has left my dominant right hand heavily bandaged, have put a spanner in the works. That’s why I’m calling this a “February sewing project”, because I’m hoping that in approximately one week’s time, when the bandage is off and the wrist stronger, I can get cracking and start putting thread to needle. If you’re curious, please check back here around mid-February mid-March to see how it’s turned out. I’ve already chosen some jewellery to go with it…so now all I have to do is get going and make it a reality! At last! February March Project completed So I’m happy to finally …

Enjoying images of a festive Geneva before fully embracing the new year

It’s fair to say that many blogs are more than a little obsessed with what’s “now” or the next big thing coming our way. That’s fine with me and I’m already embracing the promise of the new year.  Before I entirely say goodbye to the last one, however, I’d like to share some festive images of Christmas decorations and markets in Geneva, Coppet and Mont-sur-Rolle that left a lasting impression on me in the final month of 2015. I hope you enjoy them…   All photos by Creative Living Geneva. Top photo is of Place du Molard, Geneva. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Up, up and away in Château-d’Oex for the 38th International Balloon Festival

I wish I could lay claim to this lovely bird’s eye view of the annual balloon festival above the Château D’Oex countryside, but that’s an accomplishment I’ve yet to crack. So I’m looking forward to getting myself — at least on terra firma, if not airborne — to the 38th edition of this popular international event that launches quite literally this coming weekend on Saturday, 23 January and continues until Sunday, 31st. Getting an early start The festivities start off early on the 23rd with a fiesta and passenger flights getting underway at 09.45am followed by the mass ascension of the Fiesta balloons at 10.30am. The official ceremony launces at 11.30am and at 11.45am some specially shaped balloons will go off into the hopefully not-so-wild blue yonder. The afternoon promises air shows by acrobatic planes, mini-balloons and a hot-air airship. Parachutists and paragliders will also get in on the act. There’s even a special stamp exhibition scheduled for 5pm at the Salle Communal. Sunday’s schedule is much the same as Saturday’s though shorter. The “Night Glow” promises …