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Pretty abstract-print blouse that’s perfect for business or leisure time



Here I am, striking as close to a proper model’s pose as I can manage, to show the neckline gathering (front and back) and waistline tucks in this pretty abstract-print polyester blouse I made using Butterick’s See & Sew pattern B6156.

I’m not a huge fan of polyester, but this one is so lightweight I think it can be worn even on a warm summer’s day. I bought the material at Fabricville in Montreal during a terrific sale in April (I had to borrow my sister Pamela’s sports bag to bring back all the fabric I purchased, mostly stretch cotton).

I slightly let out the collar and armholes and added some width at the hips. A little more width at the waist might have prevented the slight forward tugging, but then the waistline would have been less fitted. Ah, the trade-offs!


Yes! It’s easy. Sort of.

I think it’s great as a casual blouse with white jeans and would also be suitable paired with a deep blue blazer for a business meeting. I’m looking forward to making it again in a beautiful pistachio green fabric my sister Andrea has set aside for me in Montreal (cue the pattern photo.)

So much beautiful fabric, so little time!

P.S.: Thanks to my sister Virginia who gave me the lovely, sleek silver earrings I’m wearing in the photo. They’re made by Branislav Gajic, a jewellery designer at the Amity Design Studio on Vancouver’s Granville Island.


  1. Virginia says

    Such a lovely blouse. The pattern and colours are so vibrant. Love the earrings too!


  2. Andrea Grimaud says

    I love the style… very simple and elegant yet with a modern vibrant colour blend. Beautiful!

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