Break out the band! Geneva’s summer season of free concerts gets underway

fête-de-la-musique geneve

Fête de la Musique

This weekend, from 19–21 June, Geneva’s most popular music festival, the Fête de la Musique, ushers in the city’s impressive Summer music season with more than 600 free concerts at some 30 locations on both banks of Lake Geneva.

Not only is this the ideal moment to enjoy top-notch music (and dance) from a huge spectrum of musical genres, it’s also a chance to do so in some unique locations, a few rarely frequented by the public. I’ve listened to: flamenco (and watched wonderful dancers accompany it) in the courtyard of the Art and History Museum; Django Reinhardt jazz (à la “Chocolat”) on a hill overlooking the Vieille Ville; a harp and piano duet in a medieval chapel; and Klezmer in the shadow of Cathédrale St. Pierre.

You can consult the daily programme (by day or by Commune) and check out the special events organized for young listeners here.

(Both photos of Fête de la Musique by J.C. Hernandez.)

Summer Concerts in the Old Town

This series has a shortened season this summer with only five one-hour concerts taking place every day at 12:30 from 23 to 27 June at the Lutheran Church located not far from the Place Bourg-de-Four at rue Verdaine, 1204 Geneva.

Refresh your thoughts and recharge your spirits at one of these uplifting concerts. Donations this year go to the purchase of a new piano for the church. Consult the concert programme here.

Concerts d’été à St Germain

concerts d'ete' à St. Germain, Geneve
La Compagnia del Madrigale perform at Concerts d’été. Photo © Eric Déjardin.

The 42nd edition of “Summer Concerts at St Germain” church in the heart of the Old Town are already underway and continue on Sunday and Monday evenings at 6:30pm until 7 September. Donations are solicited at the end of each concert. Please consult their programme for more information about featured artists.

Aubes Musicales at Bains les Paquis


If you’re an early riser, you can greet the sunrise every morning at 6am with live music and a complimentary coffee at the Aubes Musical at Bains les Paquis from 13 July to 23 August. You can find the extensive programme here and see a listings of the artists to perform during the period of the Fêtes de Genève (17.07.2015 – 10.08.2015) here.

The month of June is a great opener to Summer in a city that is always alive to the sound of music in all its variety. It doesn’t get any better than enjoying great music in the wonderful atmosphere of these free summer concerts.

5 responses to “Break out the band! Geneva’s summer season of free concerts gets underway”

  1. You and Martin will be glad to know I have booked the next flight over for this! Please tell Pips and Fels that if they play nice with me, there will be plenty of sour cream on spoons for them whenever they want it…


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    • Would be lovely to have you come along. As for Pips and Fels they say you are very welcome with or without the sour cream (though preferably with!).


  2. I love outdoor concerts and concerts in old churches. I don’t know about 6 a.m. concerts though…. the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!

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